Monday, 23 June 2014

Self Defense Classes

We live in a society that has become increasingly dangerous. Every day, the media brings us
stories of mugging, robbing, bashing, stabbing, kidnapping, raping and murder-grim reminders
of danger we as individuals face when we least expect it.

Innocent, weak and vulnerable people are victimised by vicious attackers who care nothing
about the pain, suffering and inconvenience of others.
MMA Studio offers many benefits, while learning invaluable Self-Defence skills for your safety
and protection; you will be improving yourHealth, Fitness and Strength. By using your entire
body, Fighting techniques and movements such as Punching, Kicking and Blocking provide
excellent form of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You will also develop
Greater Concentration, Reflexes, Agility, Flexibility, Body Coordination and Balance.
Aside from the physical benefits, mixed martial art is great exercise for your mental and
spiritual powers. You can gain a greater sense of Self-Confidence and Peace of Mind.
It is also method of Stress Relief, Relaxation and Weight Control.
                Working on a regular Group Training session weekly, we carefully monitor your success
and results to make sure that YOU are heading towards YOUR goals. This Program has been
designed with your goals in mind, focusing on weight loss and fitness.
KNIFE DEFENSE-How to defend against various knife attacks.
LEGAL WEAPONS-Using common items as effective weapons for defending yourself.
CLOSE COMBAT-Hand to Hand Combat Tips
SWEEPING-Knock an opponent to the ground with leg sweeps.
GRAPPLING-What to do if you are grabbed by an attacker.
THROWING-Learn which shoulder throws and hip throws are effective against certain types of attacks.
GROUND FIGHTING-Most fights end up on the ground so these skills are valuable.
BREATHE-Ancient art of breath control and relaxation.

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