Monday, 30 June 2014

Karate Delhi

KARATE In Our Academy, we have been dedicated to forming Strong, Confident, and Successful Black Belts leaders for over 19 years. We offer an exciting, high energy, and positive environment for you and your child to learn the martial arts. Located in Janakpuri, New Delhi. Our certified Black Belt Karate instructors are committed to bringing out the best in you or your child and helping them to develop and perfect their martial arts skills. Our Karate Academyis a leadership and life skills martial arts academy. Our goal is to build Confidence, Leadership, Respect, Focus, and Self-Discipline in our students.
The main features of Karate:
Self Defence Training
Fitness Training
Basic Techniques
Striking with Open Hand
Trapping Technique
Kumite (Fight)
Self Discipline
Relieving stress out and continuous work
KATA: A sequence of techniques done in certain order against imaginary opponents, and prearranged and free style sparring comprise the training foundation of this style.

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