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Mixed Martial Arts MMA

A New Trend : Mixed Martial Arts MMA- Our Athletes Become Killing Machines.
Get pumped. Get ripped. Be a fighter. Make it happen. After you train with us you won't ever have to worry about threats in your life, you can handle them with force. Is some messing with you or your family? Toughen up with our Delhi MMA training program and you will have the technique, talent and physique to take action. You will be able to slay your fear and chop it up into little pieces. Your search is over. Call to set up a session with one of our MMA fitness trainers at +91-9999-053-185. It's the number you have been looking for.

Knockout MMA training: A high level MMA fighter has the endurance to go five five-minute rounds with a little bit still left in the tank at the end; the power and strength to land lethal strikes and execute crippling submission holds; and the overall athleticism to master various fighting disciplines—from wrestling to karate to boxing. Not coincidentally, virtually all successful MMA fighters possess lean, athletic physiques to show for it. So if the UFC body type is what you’re after, why not train like a fighter?

Mixed Martial Arts MMA styles you can learn Stand up, Grappling & Gymnastics.
Stand up- Muay thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Kung fu, Taekwondo.
Grappling- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo & wrestling.
Gymnastics- Jump starts program

There is a lot of talk about what martial art is the toughest and which masters of the art could beat all the rest, but never has that question been tested so thoroughly as in the field of Mixed Martial Arts, more commonly known as MMA. This full combat, nearly no-holds-barred type of fighting pits one competitor against another and the results, while occasionally brutal, go further towards declaring a fighting supremacy than anything short of full-out warfare. More and more, people are discovering that Mixed Martial Arts holds more appeal than simply going to the gym to pump iron. This raw and vital application of their strength, their speed and their stamina has become a rallying point for people around the world, and it cannot be denied that ,other segments of this rarefied society is taking note.

Mixed Martial Arts training at Knockout gyms; where we teach a very traditional martial art. You can starts with Low stances, lots of repetition, hard blocking style, good breathing, and fundamental body movements. We routinely practice (read that as "reinforce to the point of instinct") strikes to the groin, temple, throat, spine, and joints. In a real self defense scenario, these will come forth without hesitation or thought.

Self Defense training at Knockout clubs is a defensive art. We don't teach how to sneak into a hardened bunker and kill people. We teach how to defend - true, our philosophy is that even a defensive move can disable an attacker (referred to as Defense / Strike).If you choose a style that uses a lot of eye pokes, and you're just not prepared to blind someone, then make another pick. The vast, vast, vast majority of the benefit of practicing an art is to maintain good body health, mental discipline, and achieve the self confidence that comes from not being in fear of those that would do you harm.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes at Knockout Delhi: Body control, on the other hand, is a key aspect of Brazilian jiu-jitsu - you dominate your opponent by achieving and maintaining superior position while seeking a submission. Even if you fail a submission attempt, there's a good chance you haven't lost your position and can thus go for another submission relatively quickly and safely. The downside is that maintaining this dominant position often requires a loss in mobility (i.e. you have to be on the ground).

Boxing classes at Knockout Delhi: "Shadow boxing" is important in practicing Muay Thai, it also can forms techniques and become a good foundation before doing training with more difficult techniques. Add push-ups, body squats, core exercises, jog in place, and jump rope in between Muay Thai movements to add variety and intensity of the overall training.

The Muay Thai classes at KNOCKOUT MMA are divided according to level of experience. All beginner students will start at Muay Thai Level 1. In the Level 1 classes, students are given an introduction to the fundamentals and basic techniques of Muay Thai. You will learn how to correctly throw punches like the jab, right cross, uppercut, and left hook. You will also be taught elbow strikes, knee strikes, and Muay Thai kicks. These fundamentals will be taught in conjunction with basic stance, movement, and footwork.

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Kickboxing Mixed Martial arts MMA Classes

MMA Training Lajpat Nagar

MMA Fight Janakpuri

Mixed martial arts Classes Janakpuri

We give kids an incredible opportunity to engage in fun physical fitness in a safe, supervised environment. Your kids are guaranteed to love our martial arts classes because we make it fun to learn. as our black belt instructors teach your kids all the classic karate moves that kids love—from kicking and blocking, to punching and striking—we’ll be rewarding them with plenty of positive reinforcement every step of the way. And while your kids are getting a great workout that they just can’t get with any other physical activity, they’ll be building rock-solid self-defense skills that will strengthen their self-confidence and prepare them for anything life throws their way.

The Three Aspects of Adult Martial Arts Training
Learning New Techniques: At Knockout, because you come to a new art with no knowledge, the early part of your martial arts career will be mostly filled with learning new techniques. Typically, you are taught a kick, punch, throw, joint lock, grappling,  gymnastics or strike - you practice it a bit until you have memorized the pattern – our martial arts trainer helps you refine it a bit - and then you are taught another new technique. This is the same whether you study Mixed Martial Arts-MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-BJJ, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Kung fu, Tai chi, Judo, Wrestling, Gymnastics and Martial Art Weapons. Because students get a lot of attention at this stage, and because of the excitement and interest of constantly learning new things, many students get addicted to learning new techniques.

Mastering techniques: At Knockout, in the traditional martial arts like Karate, Kung fu & others aswell, we don't really believe in the idea that a person can truly "master" a technique or an art. Instead, we believe that becoming great at martial arts is a lifetime's commitment, and that we must constantly revisit the techniques we know to try to deepen our understanding of them. We analyze each part of martial arts a technique, figure out what could be done better, practice that part, then put the whole thing back together and try to make it more efficient, more effective, or more beautiful. If we keep at it long enough with an enthusiastic spirit, we can eventually become quite good at our chosen martial art form. 

Applying Techniques in Sparring: At Knockout, once we achieved some level of understanding of our martial arts skills, we can apply them in sparring. In judo, this is done in randori (free practice), in karate we engage in kumite (sparring), in boxing we simply repeat our combination again and again, seeking to deepen our ability to focus on and execute the detailed form requirements. This eventually makes us very capable at self-defense, demonstrating, kumite, or whatever our goal for training may be.