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A New Trend : MIxed Martial Arts-MMA For All

A New Trend : Mixed Martial Arts-MMA For All
Program Mixed Martial Arts for Kids/Cadet/Adult/Women

Muaythai Classes / K1 Kickboxing:
Comes from Thailand and is known as Muaythai or Thai boxing. The thai version uses very brutal full contact. It has full contact punching, elbow strikes, and many kicks, especially low shin round kicks to the knee joints. Proponents often get permanent injuries. The Muaythai and MMA training at our kickboxing gyms is versatile, offering Muaythai / Thai boxing and MMA training program to suit everyone from beginners and amateurs to professional fighters looking to learn Muaythai for fun, fitness, or self defense; to professionals wanting hone their fighting skills.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ):
Techniques focus on grappling and ground fighting and will give you an understanding of how to control and manipulate a strong and aggressive opponent. Learning Jiu Jitsu basics and adding in submissions will allow you to make an opponent give up without having to throw a single punch or kick. BJJ techniques are a perfect complementary skill for virtually any martial artist with stand-up experience. Jiu Jitsu enables the martial artist to put together a complete set of skills that will help in any situation, whether it is on the feet or on the ground.

The basic technique and positions will be the foundation in which the new student learns how to move properly and figures out the finer details of the positions. The advanced moves will be built from this solid foundation, but the basics are more than enough to get an individual to an expert level.

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