Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Delhi Karate Classes

KARATE is a Japanese word meaning "Empty Hands" indicating that Karate is a Martial Art
that does not require weapons other than the parts of the body, but, also means that the
practitioner of Karate should strive to empty his/her mind of aggression. Originally, Karate
was a method of unarmed self-defence developed in the Okinawa Islands from various
techniques introduced from mainland China, as well as local innovations up until the late
19th century, the various karate Techniques were practiced and taught within relatively
small regions. Present day Karate is divided into four categories i.e. physical conditioning,
Self Defence, mental conditioning, and a sport.
It is an extremely effective method of Unarmed Self Defence. The average student learns
Karate for self defence and physical conditioning. As he/she becomes proficient, he/she is
taught to apply their knowledge by sparring with fellow students. This is a vital part of the
training used in most systems.
KARATE is not A Means of Combat Which Simply Takes the Issue of Battle At its Ultimate
Objective. It is An Art Which Systematically Tempering Every Part of the Body, Giving Special
Attention to the Hands and Feet, Enables One to Act Effectively in the Moment of Crisis,
This Training Provides Protection with Nothing More Than the Empty Hand. Again, it is A Sport
in Which Opponents Compete in Techniques Which Require Skilful and Even Movement of the
Body. With the Entire Body Enabled in the Execution of a Technique, Enlisting Both Good
Control and Will Power. One Seeks to Gain the Advantage of Their Adversary.

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